EXPOSED::: Hacker Exposes Phyno And Yemi Alade Secret Romance Messages

Yemi Alade’s secret romance with rapper Phyno has been exposed after a hacker got access into her Instagram account some hours ago. The hacker has been uploading messages between the two entertainers. The last post is from Yemi’s manager Taiye confirming the hack.

The hacker, then uploaded a pic of Snoppy with we ed in his hand using Yemi’s account, and captioned; ‘who wants to smoke weed with me?

yemi alade and phyno secret romance exposed-theinfong.com_3.000yemi alade and phyno secret romance exposed-theinfong.com_3

The hacker also posted this: Lol, so phyno has been knacking Yemi – using Yemi Alade’s handle too! A lot of fans then commented, some confused, some thinking it was a joke..

Then the strings of leaked convos between Phyno and Yemi below:

Seeing the mess, Yemi’s manager sprung into action, confirming that her (Yemi) account has been hacked by unkonw person/s.