District Electoral Commissioner asked to correct anomalies

Politics of Monday, 16 February 2015

Source: Graphic Online

Electoral Commission Ghana

The elders and citizens of the Atosale, Azaasi, Akunkongo/Abempingo electoral areas in the Kassena/Nankana East District of the Upper East Region have given the District Electoral Commissioner for the areas five days to correct some anomalies in the naming and location of some polling stations or risk being cited for contempt of court.

They have asked the District Electoral Commissioner to remove the name ‘Akurugu-Dabo’ from the notice of poll for the district assembly election and leave the official names of Atosale/Azaasi Electoral Areas on it.

“You are to relocate the polling station to its original official location Atosale/Azaasi District/Nursery forthwith and desist from these unlawful contemptuous acts.”

A letter written by lawyers for the elders and citizens to the Electoral Commissioner of Ghana and the District Electoral Commissioner, Mr Nicholas Pawiah, said Mr Pawiah was in contempt of court and had gone against the laws of Ghana.

He was accused of failing to comply with the judgement of the High Court, Fast Track Division, in the case Aberinga Aligbo and three others versus Electoral Commission and six others, adding that even though the contents of the judgement had been brought to his notice, he had still breached them.

The letter said in defiance of the judgement, he had intentionally reintroduced the unlawful name of ‘Akurugu Daboo’ in the area.

“That you have altered, falsified and forged official documents viz electoral posters by inserting on them the name Akurugu Daboo, against the judgement of the court.”

Despite vehement protests, it said the Electoral Commissioner had refused to relocate the polling station in that electoral area to its original location, being the Atosale Pentecost Church/Nursery.

“You have refused and failed to transfer the legitimate votes of registered voters (about 300) from other constituencies to the Atosale, Azaasi, Akunkongo/Abempingo electoral areas,” the letter said.