Ara Talks About Nigerian Politics, Urges Nigerians To Be Patrotic


She has been in the business for a while and her age tells you all you need to know.

The Nigerian talking drummer Ara celebrated her 40th birthday recently, and she had a chat with Encomium magazinew.

She talked about her milestone age, her career, politics in Nigeria and much more.

She also opened up to the magazine about some of the highlights of her life so far.

Read excerpts from her Interview below: –

On what she wants for her new age: I want God to give us a better Nigeria, where we will not need to complain about most things, a Nigeria where our leaders will have our interest at heart, not their ego at play.  We are blessed in Nigeria but the blessing is in the hands of few.  I want a better Nigeria.

On the president she wants for 2015: It doesn’t matter who sits in Aso Rock, the most important thing is getting someone who has the interest of the nation at heart, the president that will harness our resources in the right direction.  It doesn’t matter where the person is from.  If the mandate of the people gets you there, then you are chosen.  What matters most is having a leader that has the interest of the masses at heart.  Why do we clamour for someone from the North, South East or wherever?  It is because we are not patriotic, whosoever gets to office should be supported.  Look at Obama and Hilary Clinton, the two of them worked fine.  She served under him without discrimination, so, what is wrong with us?  Let us support whosoever God puts there.

On her greatest achievement at 40: My greatest achievement is being a mother, having a wonderful son.  Every other thing is secondary.  Every parent pray for their children to outlive them.  God has given me that grace.  I thank God for a wonderful career, the good people around me.  For those who tried to stop me, they meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.  Indirectly, they spur me on. I went through challenges to be whom Ara is today.

On her greatest challenge at 40: I am a warrior.  I will say picking the talking drum, playing it and fear of acceptance.  I wouldn’t call them challenges anyway.  Everybody has, at a time or the other gone through challenges.  Challenges must come.  It must be a bit rough before you can gain your ground.

On her plans for 2015: I will be dropping my album.  My movie will also be in the cinemas.  We have a lot of surprises anyway.