Security Agencies Deserve Respect, Not Criticism – Jonathan


President Goodluck Jonathan has urged Nigerians to show gratitude to the nation’s security services, as their activities keep the country united.

“All nations respect their military and their intelligence services because without these people, we wouldn’t have been here. Without these people, there wouldn’t have been any Nigeria,” he said while hosting widows of Nigeria’s fallen heroes.

“What keeps us together as a nation is the activities of these people. I use this opportunity to call on Nigerians to continue to show gratitude and appreciation to our security services” he said.

Jonathan stressed that they deserve the respect of Nigerians as they are ones on the streets making sacrifices while other Nigerians sleep in their houses.

His decision to host the widows, according to Jonathan, was because his government appreciated their husbands who paid the supreme prices while securing the nation.

“Most of you (the widows) would have been surprised that why should the President call us here. It has not happened before. This is the first time that the President would be interacting with the wives of the fallen heroes.

“We appreciate the services of your husbands, your fathers, within the armed forces and other security agencies because we sleep while they are in fears and while protecting the nation some of them paid the supreme sacrifice.

“That is why I personally get worried when some public utterances that are not expected are made of them,” Jonathan said.