Young Man Caught Having s*x With Woman’s Corpse In Mortuary

A 26-year-old homeless man was caught having with a female corpse at Hill Watson Peoples Funeral Service in the Georgian city of Columbus, USA.

Police officers detained Domonique Smith for stealing a bicycle but the subsequent investigation revealed that the young man is also guilty of another crime. It appeared that Mr Smith who lives on the street broke into the funeral home and had s*xual contact with the body of an unnamed woman.


Commenting on the incident Captain Gordon Griswould said, “The investigation led us to believe he had a s*xual act with the woman’s body. This is extremely rare.We look for the best protection and security for the families we have served in this community for 65 years.”

Police believe that the incident is the first necrophilia case in the area, while the funeral director declined to comment on the details. Smith was dragged to court where he pleaded guilty to all charges and now remains behind bars.

Necrophilia is the s*xual attraction to corpse. The individuals’ motivations for their behaviors are various: the desire to possess a non-resisting and non-rejecting partner, reunions with a romantic partner, s*xual attraction to corpses, comfort or overcoming feelings of isolation, or seeking self-esteem by expressing power over a homicide victim .