Tenant Arrested For Murdering Landlord Over Rent


A tenant who allegedly murdered his own landlord over house rent is now cooling his heels in police custody.  The man whose name was simply given as Wilfred, is in the police net for the murder of his landlord because the man was ‘disturbing’ him to pay his rent arrears. Pulse reports:

The incident happened in Agbor community, Delta State.

The culprit allegedly confessed to the police that he committed the crime under serious provocation because his landlord had threatened to kill him if he refused to pay up and in the ensuing fight that followed the argument, he picked an hard object and hit his landlord and he slumped and died on the spot.

Reports have it that the suspect had owed his landlord seven months rent and paid for two months, promising to pay the remaining months he never did, a situation that stirred the anger of his landlord at weekend, resulting in the tragic fight.