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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Crown Snatched Off Beauty Contest Winner By Second Placed Contestant

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A beauty contest in Brazil turned sour after the woman who came in second place reportedly snatched the crown off the winner. Read more from Worldwideweirdnews:

The incident unfolded during the Miss Amazonas contest. 23-year-old Sheislane Hayalla is justifying her angry reaction by claiming that her rival, 20-year-old Carol Toledo, bribed the judges to win first place.

During the ceremony on Friday night, Hayalla initially embraced her opponent as she was announced the winner. Seconds later, as a woman set the crown on Toledo’s head, Hayalla stepped forward to snatch it away and threw it on stage before storming off the stage.

A video of the incident was uploaded to the Internet, where it has since gone viral. The winner of Miss Amazonas will represent the territory in the national contest of Miss Brazil.  Officials have not yet decided if Hayalla will be allowed to keep the second place title.

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