Prostitute Steals Gun From Police Officer After Sleeping With Him


A California police officer was allowed to walk free after he admitted to using a prostitute who robbed him. The officer drove from California to Nevada, where he spent $70 for a night with a prostitute. Read more from the New York Daily News:

However, when the officer fell asleep in the motel room, which he rented for the night, the prostitute stole his gun, badge and handcuffs.

Now, the attorney for Kensington Police Sgt. Keith Barrow said that his client may have been drugged before he was robbed.

The officer notified police as soon as he realized that his gun was stolen. The weapon was found the next day, when a man got in an altercation with two people at a Reno pawnshop and accidentally shot himself in the leg with the gun. When police confiscated the gun from the suspect, they realized that it was officer Barrow’s weapon.

Police officers arrested the 25-year-old Christina Mae Taylor, after being accused of stealing the officer’s gun, badge, two magazines of ammunition and his handcuffs.