Audio: Ghanaians want a great leader not a good one – Teens assess Mahama on Joy FM

Head Prefect of Christ the King International School, Vanessa Plange has analysed the flaws of President John Dramani Mahama and concluded that Ghanaians need a great leader, not a good one.

Her comments during a youth-led discussion on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, where three teenagers and a university student took over control of the console in celebration of World Radio Day.

Eric Vondee from University of Cape Coast; Albert Kofi Konadu from IPMC; Adubea Asante-Apeadu and Vanessa Plange both from Christ The King International School served as the panel for discussion. The host was fifteen-year-old Maureen Kyere of Achimota Senior High School, temping for Kojo Yankson.

In a rare insight into the thinking of Ghanaian youths, Vanessa and three others discussed the topic “has leadership failed Ghanaians?”

Adubea Asante-Apeadu and Vanessa Plange both from the Christ The King International School. – See more at:

Setting the ball rolling, Eric defined leadership as “having the ability to do something”. With this definition in place, Vanessa began filling her assessment forms.

“President Mahama well, he is a good leader but Ghana doesn’t need a good leader right now, we need a great leader. I have learnt from him mostly what not to do.”

She pointed out three things she has learnt from President Mahama.

According to the teenager, one of the things she has learnt not to do is to make promises you cannot keep.

“Don’t make promises. If you cannot do it, please don’t say it”, an opinionated Vanessa assessed.

However she was not finished with the President. In her view, a leader must desist from blaming previous administrations for current problems.

“Anything that happens in your administration it is your problem. Don’t find faults, find the remedy… Everything that happens falls under your administration. People will say [in] Vanessa’s era this is what happened”

Nonetheless, she gave the President a good review for his communication skills.

“He has really been good communicating with us. He tells us what he wants to do. I will also do that.”

The teenagers assured Ghanaians that they are confident that young people will not disappoint the country when they get the chance.

“Now that they have made these mistakes, we will learn how to avoid them.”

Kids do say the darnest things, don’t they?
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