That’s My We have become too civilised for our good

Now I understand it. It took me a bit longer…… but, thank God I finally got it.  Our elders have a proverb “if you become too smart you turn to greet the goat”.

To quote Prof Kwame Karikari “we now need laws to force us to be Ghanaians”. We are so desperate to become westernized….. and no matter how detrimental it is to us, we just can’t stop because the thought of doing things that suits us as Ghanaians, is inconceivable.

Today I’m not talking about preachers, I am not on the case of politicians. I am grabbing the bull by its horns. I am hitting where we normally dare not hit.

Join Nana Ansah Kwao Iv as he asks the architects of Ghana “why oh why?”

Tune in to Joy 99.7 at 2:05 pm to get a clearer picture of my frustration……. it maybe yours too….

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