Gyan announces construction of artificial turf on return to former school Accra Academy

Asamoah Gyan received a rapturous reception on his return to Accra Academy where he pledged to finance the construction of an artificial football pitch to replace their grassless surface.

The Black Stars captain who last visited his Alma Mata secondary school in 2006 arrived in the company of his manager Samuel Anim Addo who incidentally is also an old student of Accra Academy.

Gyan’s convoy was mobbed by students who had abandon classes to greet their idol.

Gyan with the school’s head teacher
The Al Ain ace is in Ghana on a brief holiday before returning to his club after helping Ghana finish second at the just ended 2015 Africa Cup of Nations in Equatorial Guinea.

Gyan first visited the chambers of the school’s headmaster Samuel Ofori Adjei (OJ) who lauded the Black Stars captain for his surprise visit and urged him to make similar visits more often to inspire students.

“For me it is pleasant surprise,” the headmaster said.

“I was passing through the classrooms only to see the students running out.

“I asked what is happening and was told Asamoah Gyan was coming here.

Gyan being introduced to the school’s staff
“You’re warmly welcome to your own school. You have seen what your small boys [students] did when you entered the school.

“It is very good for the spirit and morale of the school and its students and we hope this will continue.”

The excited Gyan told the headmaster how stunned he was with the resounding reception accorded him on his return ‘home’.

“Honestly I am very happy to be here once again since 2006,” he said.

“I have been hearing all the messages and good will from this school all these while.

Gyan in a group picture with the school’s staff
“Accra Aca has been integral my life and what I am today.

“It is unfortunate I don’t get enough time visit often due to my professional career.

“But I believe it’s time to come back and support the school.

“I would like to thank the students for the reception they gave me, I wasn’t expecting it.

Gyan watches his name on the school’s wall of fame
Gyan’s name in the last on the school’s wall of fame

The Black Stars captain takes a picture of his name on the school’s wall of fame

“I feel very much appreciated and I want you to know that I still have the school in my heart.”

Gyan was then ushered into the teachers staff room where he mate familiar faces – some of his tutors during his time at the school.

He was then later taken to the school’s hall of fame where he took a picture of his name on the wall.

After taking a group picture with the school’s staff, Gyan went straight to the assembling square to address a waiting army of students where he sung the school’s anthem, some jama songs and made the announcement of the construction of the artificial turf.

“I am very happy to be here I feel like I am back home,” he told the chanting students.

Gyan addressing the chanting students at the assemblying square

“The reception has been so great and I really appreciate what you have done for me. I feel happy to be part of the Accra Aca family.

“We are one family and being an international star now the only thing I have to do is to give back to society so I decided to come to the school that made me what I am.

“I belong to the field and therefore I am going to organize and construct an astro turf – that is an artificial pitch – for the school so everyone can exhibit his skill.”

The grassless pitch which will be tranformed by Gyan

Asamoah Gyan’s manager Samuel Anim Addo further explained the modalities for the construction of the artificial pitch.

“We want to construct an artificial pitch for the school. The technical crew will come here to make all feasinility studies and advice us accordingly before we proceed with the proper construction itself,” he said.

“The plan is to construct an artificial pitch but if the technical men tell us it will not survive the conditions here, we will go for the natural grass.

“We want to give our school the best we have to offer so more of Asamoah Gyans are discovered here.”

Gyan ushered onto the grassless pitch
Asamoah Gyan completed Accra Academy School in 2002 where his football skills was harnessed by veteran coach J.E Sarpong.

The 29-year-old after excelling in the local league with Liberty Professionals started his to be his successful career abroad which saw him play for clubs in Italy, France, England and now in the UAE with Al Ain.


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