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Friday, March 24, 2023

Adorable Two-Month-Old Baby Beaten To Death By 11-Year-Old Girl

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An 11-year-old girl has been detaimed by police and charged with murder over the death of a two-month-old child in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

The terrifying incident occured when Zuri’s mother left the baby in the care of her best friend and her 11-year-old daughter.  She said, “I definitely trusted her. I never thought my baby would be put in some type of harm.”


The circumstances of the crime is still under investigation it is only known that little Zuri Whitehead was found covered in blood and with a swollen head. The baby was rushed to hospital but died of injuries to head and body shortly afterwards.

Police suggest that the 11-year-old took the baby to a different room and beat her, while her mother was sleeping. According to police chief, the girl did not show any remorse and did not understand the gravity of what she did.

The baby  died of blunt impacts to her head, neck, trunk, extremities and internal injuries. This week the 11-year-old appeared in court and is being held without bond on murder charges. She is believed to be one of the area’s youngest ever murder suspect and as she is under 14 she cannot be tried as an adult.

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