50 Cent Disagrees With Kanye West, Says Beck Is More Talented Than Beyonce


We all know that 50 Cent loves to start up trouble and never gets tired of it. He’s constantly beefing his fellow celebrities in Hollywood especially when he sees them doing something he considers “wrong”

The ace rapper and businessman isn’t taking sides with Kanye West, who said Beck didn’t deserve the 2015 Grammy award he clinched.

In a new interview with People Now, Fiddy said Kanye may have just been ‘dumb’ enough not to see how talented Beck is.

“[Beck] produced [his] record, wrote the record — there’s eleven producers on Beyoncé’s album. Kanye being a producer and a writer should see that,” the rapper told People.

Besides damaging Kanye’s bizarre Grammy moment, the former G-Unit star also made mention that he’s also a victim when it comes to the Grammys not being fair.

“I felt that I deserved the Best New Artist for my first album[in 2004] — it’s the largest debut in rap with 13 million records sold and when’s the last time you ever saw Evanescence? Crickets, crickets. It’s just the way it is,” he added.

Looks like 50 isn’t the only to complain. In 2008, Taylor Swift, who is arguably the biggest act in the music industry today, also lost Best New Artist to Amy Winehouse.