Police bullet penetrated St. Paul’s student’s skull – Autopsy report

General News of Monday, 9 February 2015

Source: citifmonline.com

Alhassan Mohammed IGP

The uncle of 17-year-old Adio Rakhib, Yushau Turawah, is blaming the Police for being “unprofessional” by using live ammunition to disperse rioting Senior High School students at St. Paul’s Senior High School.

An autopsy report of Rakhib, the student who died as a result of the riots, revealed he was hit by “a high-velocity gunshot.”

The report further said the bullet penetrated and fractured his skull leading to his death.

Rakhib after being shot was left in a pool of blood until his colleagues transported him on a bicycle to the hospital, according to the students.

“The guy was taken on a bicycle to a nearby clinic by the student. And it was at the clinic that the health workers said it was beyond them. The same student had to transport him in a taxi to the Aflao general hospital,” he narrated.

The students in their attempts to lynch two suspected gay colleagues caught in the act staged a protest against school authorities whom they accused of condoning the act.

This sparked a riot leading to the death of a student with others injured.

Yushau Turawah also blamed school authorities for allowing the riot to degenerate after some of the students accused their colleagues of being gay and attempting to lynch them.

“When you question the school authorities, they don’t even know who called in the Police. And the Police; you are going for a student riot, and you carried life ammunition. What do you expect?” he questioned.

Meanwhile, the father of the deceased Alhaji Suleman has also cast doubts on claims by the Police that his son was involved in the riots, because according to him, the boy was physically challenged.

Alhaji Suleman also bemoans the crowd management strategy used by the Police and the school authorities.

“Even the doctor wasn’t happy; he also confirmed that this type of boy doesn’t have enough strength to engage in such a riot,” he said.

He is calling on the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to probe the riot and get to the bottom of the matter.

“Am waiting for reports from the Police, especially the IGP, to let me know and to take steps so that my heart can cool down. Because my heart is burning now,” he said.

The body of the deceased has been laid to rest at their family cemetery in Ho.