Photos: Vigilant boy rescues drowning kid

But for the quick and timely intervention of a bystander, a four-year-old boy would have drowned at Peace Town, a developing community in the Ga South Municipality.

Obviously with no swimming experience, the young tike could not afford standing alone on the hilly bank of the Jei River while his siblings and friends swam some 30 meters away in the brackish river on February 8, 2015.

Wanting to partake in the fun, the 4 year old  jumped into the river and discovered; too late, that the sport was not as easy as his siblings and friends made it seem.

His colleagues, speaking to, claim that the boy who had been standing by the riverside while they swam, jumped into the waters with no warning.

However, Kofi  Danso a bystander quite a distance away from the group of frolicking children caught a flash of the boy plunging into the river. According to him, he did not see the boy resurface, unlike his friends who were taking to the water like fish.

Quickly rushing to the scene, the heroic young man dove into the murky water and located the little boy, dragging him back up to the surface and out of the river.

Though he had not been underwater for too long, the traumatised child looked weak as he was rushed home by concerned individuals.

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