Mother Allows Boyfriend To Have s*x With Her 14-Year-Old Daughter In Exchange For $400


A mother was docked on charges of s*x abuse after allegedly selling her own daughter to her boyfriend for s*x in exchange for a few hundred dollars, police in Washington said. Read more from here:

Bellevue Police said that they arrested 46-year-old Mary Miles of Carnation, after being accused of selling her 14-year-old daughter to 36-year-old Bryan T. Murphy, who works as a truck driver. The boyfriend of Miami, Oklahoma, was arrested on Friday night. He was booked into jail, and he will be extradited to Washington.

According to the police investigation, Miles made arrangements for her boyfriend to have s*x with her 14-year-old girl in exchange with helping her pay rent. Miles took the girl to her boyfriend, where the mother and her boyfriend had s*x in front of the girl. During s*x, the boyfriend grabbed the leg of the girl, but she managed to flee from the scene.

The frightened girl ran to her school, where her 17-year-old sister was waiting for her. They both called police. Miles admitted that she agreed to allow her boyfriend to have s*x with her 14-year-old daughter or with her other minor daughter.