I gave Becca a movie role because of her fame – Yvonne Nelson

Beautiful Ghanaian actress, film producer and entrepreneur Yvonne Nelson says she used Becca in her latest movie for her fame.

Yvonne made this revelation on Hitz Entertainment News on Friday, February 6 when she was talking about her new production “If tomorrow Never Comes”.

When asked if Becca auditioned for the role or was cast because of her fan base, Yvonne said “Becca is a public figure, she is a musician, she has a huge following as well and people love her, so why [not]?.

“And I’m very good when it comes to casting, so before I shoot my movies, I take casting very seriously because casting is everything. And I can tell when someone can act.”

Regarding the scary issue of filmmakers casting new faces in movies, Yvonne believes the industry would rather grow when others are given the opportunity to showcase their talents.

“At a point it was always the same faces in the movies and people get sick and tired of it. I like to discover and give people the opportunity to develop and showcase their talent the same way I was also discovered. We have to give the younger ones and new faces the chance to spice things up a little bit,” she said.

She acknowledged that the new faces she cast in her previous productions have gone ahead to do amazing work.

“People I have cast ever since I started producing movies are doing well, Kwaku Elliot and Bella for example are doing well and I get happy when I see them doing so well.”

The actress who has just finished her new production says 85% of her casts are new faces except for known faces like David Dontoh, Khareema Aguiar, Bismark Odoi also known as Bismark the Joke.

The movie according to Yvonne, “is a real life touching story which was inspired by a little boy who was born with a cerebral problem and can’t walk, talk or do anything.”

A young boy with the condition was cast for the production.

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