FEATURE: Why Sulley Muntari Is Under Most Pressure for AC Milan Following Juventus Game

Sulley Muntari wore the captain’s armband on Saturday, when Milan lost to Juventus 3-1. It was probably one of his worst games in red and black.

He turned over the ball, which led to two of Juve’s three goals, and he was slower than almost anyone on the pitch (that award goes to Michael Essien).

This is the problem with the 30-year-old: He has continued to disgrace the Milan jersey, and yet he keeps on getting all of the honours associated with that jersey.

That’s a problem that starts with coaching. Filippo Inzaghi continues to lean on Muntari despite numerous transgressions. His behaviour is not that of a captain: Just a month ago in a game against Torino, reacting to an early substitution, Muntari threw a tantrum on the bench, throwing everything in sight.

Not that he was playing well, anyway. In fact, Milan were down a man already, and Muntari was on a yellow card. He was a liability on the pitch.

This is also a player who was suspended by his own country before a key World Cup match against Portugal for “disciplinary reasons,” per The Guardian. Muntari has a history of self-destructive behaviour.

But Inzaghi—who himself is struggling to convince fans of the job he is doing—decided to give the armband to Muntari in a big match against Juventus. From Gianni Rivera to Franco Baresi, Paolo Maldini to…Sulley Muntari. That alone shows how far this club has fallen.

Muntari could help himself. Milan gave him a raise in the offseason. He should be motivated. Instead, in the toughest moments, he embarrasses himself and the club he represents.

Look at his game against Juventus. Whenever he had the ball, he struggled to keep it. One Juventus player would jump in on him and strip him of possession. Boom. Easy. It happened several times in the first half, and it happened before the final Juventus goal. Paul Pogba pressured Muntari and seconds later Alvaro Morata finished off Milan.

Muntari also looked helpless in the box on the second goal. The ball was sent into the penalty area, and Muntari stood close to the post, keeping Leonardo Bonucci onside. Of course, Bonucci knocked in the loose ball.

The funniest part was that Muntari protested for offside anyway.

Right now, Muntari is the personification of Milan. They are a club losing honour by the match and a club without any leadership or class. Muntari is only hurting that image.

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