Awudu Ready To Lead Nima East

Awudu Iddrisu
ASPIRING ASSEMBLYMAN for Nima East, Awudu Iddrisu, has pledged his readiness to help solve the various environmental and social problems confronting the people of Nima East electoral area if he is elected.

According to Iddrisu, Nima East as a community is faced with several challenges -ranging from health through sanitation to water shortages among others – some of which he is personally handling and would try to eradicate once he is given the mandate.

‘As an assemblyman, I will make sure I organise communal labour frequently to help improve the sanitation situation in Nima East. I will also fall on the organisations in our community like the banks who are benefiting from the community. As an assemblyman, I would go and talk to them about their corporate social responsibility to the community so that we can benefit from them. We can use the returns to support education and health – by putting the people on the National Health Insurance Scheme,’ he told DAILY GUIDE.

The young and vibrant gentleman disclosed that his passion and quest for development for the community are the only things fueling his ambition to be assemblyman for the area.

‘Once a month, I will go to the NHIS office, talk to the managers so they bring their machines to the community to register the people onto the scheme. By so doing, the people of Nima East will spend as little as possible in registering for the scheme. I will also frequent the hospitals in the community to find out how they are handling the health insurance. An assemblyman is supposed to be on top of issues happening in his community and that is exactly what I intend to do,’ he added.

Awudu Iddrisu can be credited with various achievements including his car tyre speed hump innovation, which he has installed in major parts of the community, registering people on the NHIS scheme for free and frequent visitations to schools in the community to motivate the young ones in their studies among others.

‘Water is still an issue for the people of Nima East. When elected, I would make sure I go to the Ghana Water Company and get them to come and assess what the problem is and solve it once and for all,’ he said.

The elections for the assemblyman positions for Nima would be held in March to choose a suitable candidate for all electoral areas across the country.

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