Use Technology For The Good And Not Pornography—Dunkwa Chief

Dunkwa Hene

Dunkwa Hene

The chief of Dunkwa Nana Obeng Nuaku III, in the Central Region, has advised the youth and students to stop using computer technology to source pornographic pictures and videos but instead tap into the positive aspect to enhance effective learning.

He said computer technology had lots to achieve to better lives than using it for other negative vises.

According to him, the global use of technology is partly benefiting the Europeans countries because of the way, they are managing it.

Nana said this, when he donated 25 desktop computers to four senior high schools and the nursing training center at Dunkwa.

Each of the beneficiary had 5 of the computers.

“We are interested in other side of computers than to tap the positive aspects that could help enhance the country’s economy”, he stated.

The chief of Dunkwa who is also the patron of Global Magazine in UK, said he acquired those computers from Global magazine through his office as a patron in Ghana to benefit his people.

He added that “my office has consistently worked viciously to better education in this community, through information technology”.

Nana said it was high time students and youth, started using computer wisely to expand their intellect to enable us meet the current economic challenges as a country.

“Most countries are economically excelling through the better uses of computer, they have tried using computer to generate series of technological applications that has helped boost their economy in various sector’s.”

Nana also advised the youth to desist from watching phonographic movies and fraudulent act on the internet.

He urged the students and university graduates to use the Internet to implement software technologies that will help the vital sectors in the country’s economy, especially the agriculture sector.

He reiterated his outfit will deliver it’s best to help encourage technology learning in the Dunkwa municipality and its environs.

He also urged other individuals and companies to invest their monies and resource in sponsoring educative programs on media networks saying, this will help equip the abilities they will need in enhancing their companies in the future.

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