My five pairs of shoes cost what Elikem earns in movies – Pokello

Entertainment of Thursday, 5 February 2015



Love birds, Polikem were on e.TV’s The Late Nite Celebrity Show talking about love, life and what makes them tick.

Answering a question regarding who loved money more; the mother of one said;

“Daddy is a cash loving person but mummy is not, the thing is, I’m such a hard working woman who likes to see results. If I’m coming to work and the kind of figures you’re quoting don’t make sense, then I’d rather sleep.”

She went on to reveal she was not acting at the moment because of the money producers were offering was too meager.

“I’m not doing movies at the moment because of the money. Sometimes I hear producers call Elikem and negotiating and I’m like ‘Baby, Should I sell five pairs of shoes and give you this money.’ Because this doesn’t make sense to me. Because some of the figures are so ridiculous.”

Elikem on the other hand revealed his fiancée was a very jealous lover.

“Two, three weeks ago, I played a prank on her and she was boiling and sweating. I called a guy and saved his name as a lady and when I was calling to clear my name the guy wasn’t picking up. Then the guy finally picks up. She is really the jealous type.”