‘I Was Cautioned By Doctors To Stop Smoking Ganja’

Dr Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey, aka Abeiku Santana.

Dr Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey, aka Abeiku Santana.

Seasoned radio presenter, Dr Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey, aka Abeiku Santana of Okay FM, has disclosed how he used to smoke cigarette and marijuana until he was advised by doctors to stop.

Speaking about his past experience with regards to smoking cigarette and marijuana and how he quit smoking both substances on eTV’s ‘The Late Night Celebrity Show’ with Giovani, the Okay FM Drive Time host disclosed that he had to quit smoking based on medical advice.

Looking rather humbled, Dr Santana also debunked the myth that ‘it’s not true that when you drink or smoke you become hyper. I’m always around doing my things without these substances. If you need to be hyper, exercise because the more oxygen you have flowing to your mind and back, the more at ease you become.’

‘When you are stressed, it means there’s no oxygen in your brain or the amount of oxygen going to your brain is low. Stress is when you worry yourself with so many things. So those who need boosters and substances to perform, trust me, it won’t help you.’

He continued that ‘once your body gets used to it, you can’t leave a day without it and then you become a slave to it and controlled by that substance. That’s why Americans call it control substance. You shouldn’t let anything control you. Being it alcohol, sex or smokes. Your mind should control your body.’

Dr Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration, DS in Criminal Law, Advanced Certificate in Public Relations and Advertising, an Associate in Legal Services and Litigation and Associate ACIM.

He established his own business support firm, Strategic Communications about 10 years ago, to identify young unemployed graduates for events, advertising, public relations and human resources.

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