Ghanaian songstress opens up about assault by ‘abusive’ former manager

Entertainment of Thursday, 5 February 2015



Singer, Lady Jay, has spoken openly about the assault on her by her former manager.

The incident, which happened last year got her some not-too-pleasant media attention.

In an interview with Vanessa Gyan on ‘Sincerely, Vee’ on eTV Ghana, she explained the situation that led to the abuse.

“I feel very confident to talk about it now because I’ve been able to work my way, my emotions out of that place. And basically, what happened was that, it was just an argument over transportation.

“I live really far away and I can’t come into town to come and work so it was just a little misunderstanding over transportation and my ex- manager felt some way about me addressing the issue. The whole problem was that he felt because of a contract, he owned me. You don’t own somebody when you sign a contract with them. No, you are just working with them. That was the problem. The problem was over transportation.”

He had verbally abused her in the past before physically attacking her.

“He is an abusive person. He hadn’t hit me before that day but he had been verbally abusive. It’s been other incidences that made me question who this person really was. The way he treated me, he made me feel like, something was really wrong. I’m a smallish girl, very small, they don’t think I should be able to voice out what I want cos they think they know better than me.”

‘Venus’, Lady Jay’s first single of the year will be released in the coming weeks.