Importers warn against G-CAP implementation

Business News of Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Importers Inspection

Some importers have vowed to pass on any extra cost on goods and services to the consumer, if government goes ahead with the implementation of the Ghana Conformity Assessment Programme, G-CAP.

The Trade Ministry has insisted it will go ahead with G-CAP despite resistance from businesses.

Speaking on Business Focus on Starr FM, the Acting Secretary of the Ghana Food and Beverages Association, Samuel Aggrey said they have no alternative than to pass on costs incurred through G-CAP to the consumer.

“We’ve been telling them there is a hidden latent cost to the businessman, and when these things are happening, all that the businessman will do is to pass on the cost to the consumer.

“Look at what is going on around the country today, when they sit and realize we need money from here, they keep on increasing taxes.

“From the year 2000, products have been increasing and each time products are being increased, you realize what happens; inflation also goes up,” he added.