I Dont Care Whether The Power Minister Resigns; All We Want Is To Get Power Immediately

Former National Youth Organizer of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), James Kwabena Bomfeh has slammed the Minister of Power over his one year short term approach to end the erratic power supply.

According to him, the energy situation has caused more harm to the country and waiting for another year to resolve the erratic power will not be accepted as many calamities will befall the nation before 2016 if the energy situation is not resolved immediately.

Speaking on Oman FM’s Morning Show, Kabila as he is also known urged President Mahama to call for an emergency cabinet meeting over the gravity of the energy situation in the country; asserting that the country is living dangerously as it will be difficult for people to access healthcare under this erratic power supply.

He hinted that due to the erratic power supply, national security is in jeopardy as people are afraid to stay in their homes for fear that they can be attacked by armed robbers.

He however said that there is a boiling resentment in Ghanaians over the erratic power supply, advising that the President should not underestimate the anger of Ghanaians which they have not shown yet.

“I don’t care whether you are solving the energy situation in 2016 or not, what I care about is getting energy now and within any shortest possible time; we are losing a lot of things in the country…many of the fire outbreaks in the country is caused by power fluctuation,” he charged.

“If NDC government underestimate the patience of Ghanaians, they are risking the lives of all of us; everybody’s life is under risk because what is happening in the country is appalling…I don’t care about Dr. Kwabena Donkor eventually resigning in 2016; all we want is to see immediate solution and not short term solution in 2016…give us emergency situation power now,” he fumed.

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