After Crying at Judgment Debt Commission; K.T. Hammond finds voice

Politics of Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Source: The Informer

KT Hammond Newspaper

Months after crying at the Judgment Debt Commission over how the Government of Ghana’s Drillship was sold, Mr. Kwabena Tahir Hammond has regained his voice.

This time round, the crying K.T. Hammond is not in the news over reports regarding his involvement in the bizarre sale of the country’s Drillship; but fast becoming the architect of very offending languages, such as “useless”, “hopeless” and “senseless”, as he comments on the ongoing power crisis that has bedeviled the nation.

First to lodge complaints against media houses to the Justice Yaw Appau’s Judgment Debt Commission where he cried during his appearance, the Minority Spokesperson on Energy, in his attempts to catch the attention of Ghanaians after months of his disgraceful and incoherent submission at the aforementioned commission, has resort to insults.

The lawmaker, expected to be an exemplary leader to the society, without a single shred of evidence, described as “useless”, speculations that government intends to privatize the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

Though the Energy and Petroleum Minister, Mr. Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah has debunked the purported vending of the nation’s power distributor, ECG, Mr. K.T. Hammond is quoted by some sections of the media as saying that, “privatization doesn’t make any sense in the context that we are talking about”.

“If it is because of the problem that we are talking about now, ECG has nothing to do with it; it’s entirely the making of those in authority. The problem is with funding and not ECG,” the Minority Spokesperson on Energy is reported to have said; adding that, managers at the state-owned power distributor should be changed.

As if the insults hurled at government were not enough, Mr. KT Hammond, in accusing the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) of sabotaging the development of Ghana’s power sector, described the Corporation as engaging in “useless and hopeless” ventures.

Having regained his voice all of a sudden courtesy the recent power crisis, the crying K.T. Hammond is quoted to have said that, “when it comes to helping to redeem the darkness that we find ourselves in, GNPC is sabotaging the system”.

According to him, instead of GPNC putting the country’s oil money to well-judged use, it (GNPC) has decided to spend all the oil money on hopeless and senseless ventures, including sponsoring the Black Stars and putting up billboards – wasting the oil money.

“I know what I’m talking about…very soon, I will come out with the clear details of it,” the NPP MP for Adansi Asokwa concludes; with his vituperations on government as a way of regaining his battered image after his appearance at the Judgment Debt Commission to explain his role in the sale of the Drillship.

Behaving like a child and funny enough, K.T. Hammond, testifying before The Judgement Debt Commission claims that, his mother was dying because he was being accused of stealing 3.5.million dollars from the sale of the Drillship; yet he has the effrontery to use vulgar languages on air as if Ghanaians have forgotten about his past; and how he burst into tears when he took his turn at the Judgment Debt Commission.

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