We will have fair officiating – Alex Quartey

Soccer News of Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Source: sportscrusader.com


Retired FIFA referee, Alex Quartey has allayed fears of Ghanaians that referees could be bias towards the Black Stars ahead of their epic semi final encounter against host Nation, Equatorial Guinea in Malabo on Thursday, February 5.

Tunisia where subjected to poor officiating in their quarter final game against Equatorial Guinea by centre referee Rajindraparsad Seechurn which cast major doubt about officiating in the ongoing tournament.

Fear has gripped Ghanaians ahead of their crucial encounter against Equatorial Guinea ahead of their Semi finals on Thursday.

But retired referee Alex Quartey is full of confidence and says whoever is selected to officiate will do a diligent job despite the Tunisia ordeal.

“Why should Ghanaians be afraid of referees? We should not be thinking about that at all, what the team has to do is to play their normal game.

“Yes, there were some calls I think was not right but that doesn’t mean they will do the same against Ghana, I hope that whoever is named as the centre referee for the semi finals will do a diligent job”, Alex Quartey told Sportscrusasder.com