Video: Mutombo Da Poet details childhood speech challenges in ‘I Speak’

Entertainment of Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Source: Ismail Akwei | GhanaWeb

Mutombo Vibe

Spoken word artiste, Percy Osei-Appiah, who goes by the stage name Mutombo Da Poet has released a spoken word video titled ‘I Speak’ which details his difficulties as a stammerer during childhood.

Widely known for his debut album, ‘PhotoSentences’, Mutombo has been in the limelight since 2006 and has released dozens of spoken word poems including ‘Ghana; Where I’m from,’ ‘I for talk’ featuring M3nsa, ‘My old home,’ ‘Just another black boy,’ ‘Utopia maybe’ and ‘Socially You’.

The three-minute ‘I Speak’ video shows Mutombo in a white Bob Marley t-shirt artistically expressing his experiences at different phases of his life including his mother’s support, being sidelined by friends and even winning over girls only out of sympathy.

He ended the piece with the solution to his stammering saying: “It wasn’t through religious deliverance or therapy, but through performing spoken-word poetry”.

Enjoy ‘I Speak’ by Mutombo Da Poet.