Teacher ‘presenteeism’ more dangerous than absenteeism – Director suspends three teachers

Wa East District Director of Education, Evans Kpebaa has expressed determination to weed out teachers who although present at school, do nothing; a practice he described as ‘teacher presenteeism’.

The District Director has suspended three circuit supervisors in the Upper West Region due to the poor academic performance of pupils in the Wa East District.

“Since I took office, I have not been very kind or gentle to you because I have already suspended and removed some circuit supervisors for non-performance”, he told a gathering of teachers.

Among the causes of poor academic performance, Kpebaa identified teacher absenteeism as a canker he will not tolerate.

But according to the educator, a different strand of teacher absenteeism which he has identified is even more dangerous.

“What do I mean by teacher presenteeism? You will be there physically but no work is going on and because it is silent we haven’t detected that and that is more serious because the person who absents himself, you know that he is not there, but the person who is there and not performing is more dangerous” he told teachers in the District.

Speaking to teachers at an event, he said he would be turning his attention to headteachers in the district.

Director of Education in the district, Evans Kpebaa has warned that more officials as well as teachers could be suspended or fired.

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