Shata Wale and Samini will go hungry if..

“Shatta Wale and Samini would go hungry if they should stop beefing”. This, according to Nana Turkson is fact.

Nana Turkson was speaking on The White Capet on JoyNews in a discussion on the issue of Shatta Wale blaming his friction with Samini on the media.

According to Nana Turkson some brands will suffer if Shatta Wale and Samini should put an end to their beef and suggests, as a form of advice, for the two artistes to keep their beef going.

He said, “the more a person is compared to someone, they are forced to work harder”.

He said stars need the media and the media needs the stars; both depends on each other.

“The media needs content whereas the stars need the media to publicize them, without that there will be nothing for the media to carry. When they need promotion for their programs they come back to the traditional media”, he stressed.

Commenting on a statement the self-acclaimed dance hall artiste and his producer made some time back that, they did not need the media and that they can use new media (social media) to publicize themselves, Nana Turkson said, it is ill-informed for any Artiste to think that way.

“For Shatta Wale to be blaming the media and the media listening to such cause is giving him the attention he wants and playing the media as well”

Accordign to Nana Turkson said,  there will be no news if the media  goes “black out” on Shatta Wale.

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