See How ISIS Treat Homosexuals In Syria


A man who was  believed to be in his late 50s was reportedly stoned to death after he was thrown off a high rise building but survived. In the video of his execution, the man was blind folded and made to sit on a plastic chair at the edge of the seventh floor of a building while the verdict was read to him by two ISIS militants standing by his side in all black outfit, after which he was thrown off. Breaking News caught a glimpse of it:

After condemning the man’s s*xual orientation in front of the crowd at the foot of the building, he was thrown down head first.

Miraculously, the man survived the fall but he was then stoned to death by the waiting crowd.

This is probably the second time ISIS is carrying out this kind of judgement to homosexuals in Syria. Some time ago, two men were also thrown from a very tall building for being gay.