Intestate Succession, Property Rights of Spouses Bills to be passed

Barring any hitches the Intestate Succession Bill as well as the Property Rights of Spouses Bill will be passed into law before Parliament rises.

While the Interstate Succession Bill is at the consideration stage, the property rights of spouses bill has been referred to the legal, constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs committee for further deliberations, Joy News’ Parliamentary correspondent Elton John Brobbey reported.

The Intestate Succession Bill which was laid before the House on November 3, 2009 seeks a more responsive approach to the needs of nuclear families whose parents and spouses die intestate.

When passed, the bill will replace the Intestate Succession Act, 1985 (PNDC Law 111).

The objective of the new bill is to make the intestate succession regime more responsive to the needs of the immediate family of persons who die intestate.

The Bill will also provide a uniform intestate succession that will be applied throughout the country irrespective of the inheritance system of the intestate and the type of marriage contracted.

The Property Rights of Spouses Bill is also to regulate how properties of spouses will be shared in the event of a break up of marriage.

It is also to fulfill Article 22 (3) of the Constitution which required that spouses have equal access to property jointly acquired during marriage and for matrimonial property to be equitably distributed between the spouses upon termination of the marriage.

Elton John Brobbey reported the bills are likely to be passed into law sooner than later.

On the contrary, the Right to Information Bill is expected to delay a while longer as the Committee on Parliamentary Affairs is still undertaking further consultations.

The House is meanwhile liaising with the President to find a convenient day for him to deliver the State of the Nation Address.

It is likely to be next week or two, Brobbey reported.

Credit: Nathan Gadugah

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