Ice Prince On Being Compared To MI: “I Can Never Ever Compete With MI”


At first, we all thought this might cause a little controversy, but I’m glad it didn’t.

One of Nigeria’s biggest entertainment blogs that isn’t us, posted a negative review of Ice Prince’s “Trash Can” EP on their site.

Ice Prince read the review and took to Twitter to call out the founder of the site, Noble Igwe.

Ice Prince tweeted; “My Old G Noble Igwe! You and your blog shld stop comparing my music with my brother and Teacher MI. I’m not tryn 2 be greater than M. Stop!”

The Chocolate city rapper didn’t stop there, he also said “If You get to see this Tweet! Take note for the last time my old G! Me and M.I and everybody around that is deeper than Music. That’s blood!”

“And to evry1 else dat cares to knw! I can never ever ever ever compete with MI. It’s deeper than Music. Same Parents or Not! M is blood!”

“And for the record, MI is the greatest Rap Musician 2 come outta this side! I’m who I am because I was taught and brought up by the greatest”

Noble Igwe replied to Ice Prince tweets, Noble said;

“There’s Noble Igwe & there are businesses that he’s associated with. Two different things”

“With my colleagues ,I try as much as possible not to interfere with their work . When I write, I sign off as me”