DNA vindicates 5 times ‘What Do You Know’ champion

A retired Customs officer, Confidence Hiagbe, has scaled the first hurdle in a case in which he is denying the paternity of five children from three separate women.

He has been cleared by the first DNA test results on one of the children.

Popularly known as CC, Mr Hiagbe, 62, who is a five-time national “What Do You Know” champion had petitioned the Family and Juvenile Courts to determine who the fathers of the children are, insisting the five are not his biological children.

The defendants in the suit are Ruby Asiamah, a nursery teacher, Hilda Akuvi, a trader and one Ekua and her son Kwabena Ayigbe, 34, a cameraman of Akyem-Asafo in the Eastern Region.

Mr Hiagbe in three separate affidavits filed at the court, wants an order for DNA testing on all the five children.

The first DNA test was subsequently conducted by the Scientellect Company Limited on one David Mensah, son of Hilda Akuvi in December last year.

The DNA test results signed by Dr. Kenneth Frimpong, Principal Analyst of the company addressed to the courts pointed out:

“1. Confidence Hiagbe is excluded as the biological father of David Holali Mensah.

“2. The probability of Confidence Hiagbe being the biological father of David Holali Mensah is 0%”.

Confidence Hiagbe who is said to be a WBA Boxing Judge and Social Advocate told myjoyonline.com he has since the birth of David denied fathering the boy and the results came to him as a big relief.

In the case of Ms Asiamah, Mr Hiagbe stated in his affidavit that they lived separately and that somewhere in 2005, and acting upon a tip-off, he paid a surprise midnight visit to the home home of Ms Asiamah and caught her with a male partner.

The WBA Boxing Judge added that as a result, “our relationship which was on the verge of becoming a full marriage became strained and eventually collapsed in early 2013.”

“Given the murky circumstances surrounding the issue, I am but humbly calling for a comprehensive paternity test for all the three children,” he prayed.

In respect of Hilda, the affidavit stated that both of them were in a relationship in 1986 and that the defendant got pregnant but aborted same.

Consequently, the plaintiff stated that “upon what she did by aborting the pregnancy, we separated (but) in late 1997, we came together again and I had sex with her once.”

“The defendant informed me that she was pregnant and from the date which I had sex with her and the date she delivered was exactly seven months but the child was not a premature baby so I did not accept the child,” he noted.

Having met Ekua around 1980/81, the retired Customs officer said she also became pregnant, adding, “but came back days later to tell me that she had gone to Tema on her own accord to abort the pregnancy.”

Mr Hiagbe further averred that two months later Ekua returned to him claiming that the abortion was improperly done and that she was still carrying the baby.

In view of this, CC noted, the baby was born 12 months from the date they met and so he refused to accept the baby as his.

The WBA Boxing Judge alleged that the child has in recent times been holding himself “in my family circles and painting the picture of me as an irresponsible father.”

The young man, Ayigbe, in an affidavit in opposition, was emphatic that “it was my mother who told me that the plaintiff is my biological father hence my claim that he is my father; I have not painted a picture of him being irresponsible.”

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