Pastor Tunde Bakare – “Why I Rejected 2015 Rolls Royce Birthday Gift”


Definitely one of the most outspoken famous Pastors in Nigeria, the founder of Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare has opened up on some shocking details of how he rejected 2015 Rolls Royce gift from the government.

Pastor Bakare said he rejected it because he doesn’t need such exotic car while majority of Nigerians are wallowing in poverty.
Why I Rejected 2015 Rolls Royce Birthday Gift- Pastor Tunde Bakare
Pastor Tunde Bakare said: –

“I want to see good governance. I want to see discipline. I want to see equitable distribution of resources. I want to see the poor being educated. I want to see a nation that works. I don’t want to be a local champion in a city of the blind. I am not in need of a 2015 model of Rolls-Royce which was presented to me as a gift.

I was sitting at home one day and they brought in a brand new 2015 Rolls-Royce into my house. My 60th birthday was coming. I looked at it, kai! This is awkward. When you open your car, your door goes this way, its own door goes that way. It clears the way so that there is nothing blocking your way.

I saw a button. They said: it is an umbrella sir. It is on every door in case it is raining, you just push it and the umbrella comes out. I said: Na wa o. Then I said: Oya, leave this place.

Where is the road that I will ride it upon? My heart is not in things like this. I asked my son to take a photograph of the brand new car as a proof”