I regret Praye break

Entertainment of Monday, 2 February 2015

Source: Graphic Online


For the first time after the breakup of the Praye group last year, Praye Tietia, has broken his silence on the issue describing it as a “sad ending” for a powerful brand that ruled the Ghana music scene for years.

Praye Tietia who resisted public pressure to make any pronouncements following the decision of Choirmaster to take a solo path told Showbiz yesterday that, he was disappointed at how the group ended despite the successes and recognition they had earned for themselves.

“I was not only disappointed but very hurt to see that all the efforts, time and talent we invested to make Praye a formidable group just ended like this. We allowed individual priorities to override the supreme interest of the group,” he said.

Praye Tietia, who wants to be known as Big J Cartel said that even though he wasn’t in a position to judge the decisions of his “brothers”, he never imagined such an unpleasant ending.

“If for nothing at all, that was the group that gave birth to us, if anybody knew me as Praye Tietia, it was because of Praye and sincerely, I was appalled at how my colleagues decided to degrade the brand. They even said Praye is dead and I ask, how can you describe your investment as dead?”

But, he said, despite the disappointment, he has moved on and was concentrating on developing his talent and skill as a solo artiste.

During the heyday of Praye, Praye Tietia had mostly come under criticism for his “no contribution” to songs by the group, one that he vehemently opposed when he was asked. For him, those criticisms were uncalled for since his contribution in the group couldn’t be underrated.

“I was the one the fans waited to sing along my raps. I did all the adlibs and high tenors you heard in our songs so I always wondered why people thought my presence in the group wasn’t relevant”.

For him, this was the right moment to prove his talent and musical prowess to the world. He conceded that even though it might be a difficult path to take as a solo artiste at the start, he will ride on the experience gained from Praye to sail through.

“As a group, we drew on the strength of one another but I don’t think that will be a hindrance at all. I believe as a solo artiste now, I have the opportunity to explore fully my potential without restrictions or the comfort of other members. This is the time for people to know the real me and what I can,” he said.

Currently, Praye Tieta, real name, Steven Fiawoo, said he is concentrating on the promotion of his first solo song, Mafiwo, which was released last week Friday.

He told Showbiz that he is working on the release of a new song in April titled, One In a Million, which will feature Edem.

Away from his music career, Praye Tietia talked about his relationship with Big Brother contestant, Selly. He gave a hint on walking down the aisle with Selly this year much to the expectation of many of their fans remarking, “I know this is what everybody is waiting for”.

A fortnight ago, Kumasi based actress, Nana Ama on Restoration, a television show on TV3, revealed her resentment for Praye Tietia and how she has harboured hatred for him after she got involved in an accident two years ago.

According to McBrown, she had gone to shoot a video for the group and was from location when she got involved in the accident and though Praye Tietia was instrumental in seeking her services, he showed no concern after the accident.

But Praye Tietia who had earlier rendered an apology to the actress used the opportunity to plead with her once again to forgive him since what he did was a “human error”.

“We are all bound to make mistakes in life and I sincerely apologise to my sister for hurting her. I have dedicated my first song to her and I pray she finds a place in her heart for forgive me”, he said.