Comment: “Kpa Kpa Kpa” man deserves all the glory

Entertainment of Monday, 2 February 2015

Source: Dorcas Aba Annan | GhanaWeb


Mohammed Ayeetey Okwabei, father of five children and the main man behind the new term “Kpa Kpa Kpa” deserves all the glory and compensation that he is requesting from the people using the term for commercial purposes.

The viral term “Kpa Kpa Kpa” became popular when Mohammed was interviewed by a Joy News reporter on his general assessment of the Ghanaian economy.

Even though he was not all that educated to explain the real problems that he is facing, he was able to use a quick term to assess how he is able to manage with five children in the difficult economic situation of the country.

As Mohammed struggled to even express himself with the term “Kpa Kpa Kpa”, it made the video very funny and circulated quickly on social media thereby making people all over to use the term to explain any difficult situation one finds him or herself.

It was after Mohammed’s “Kpa Kpa Kpa” that we heard a new hit single from popular Hiplife artiste Guru on the term “Kpa Kpa Kpa” to explain hardships and challenges that people are facing in life; hence, similar to Mohammed’s concept.

In Guru’s music video, the interview Mohammed granted to the Joy News reporter was also added with the idea of reflecting the real hardship of a Ghanaian man with five children and the real idea behind the term.

One of the telecommunications companies Glo is currently running adverts that has the term “Kpa Kpa Kpa”. According to CitiFm online, Mr. Rowland Odolokor, Head of Retail Sales at Glo Mobile Ghana explained that the “Glo Kpa-Kpa-Kpa” package is a special ‘Akwaaba’ offer designed to heighten the network experience for all newcomers onto the Glo network. It empowers the consumer and enables the subscriber to make uninhibited calls and use more data to browse at a far cheaper rate.”

Again, there is a programme on Ghana Television (GTV), Sports plus on the Africa Cup of Nations 2015 analysis during the day that has ‘Kpa Kpa Kpa file killer segment’.

Mohammed in an interview on Neat FM’s “Entertainment Ghana” programme explained that Hiplife artiste Guru and telecommunication company Glo must pay GH¢50,000 in a form of royalties for using his term “Kpa Kpa Kpa” for commercial purposes.

He added “the word Kpa Kpa Kpa is very popular but I am suffering. My five kids have been sacked from school for not paying their school fees and they are home now. I am not working and my wife is also not working but look at the way people are using Kpa Kpa Kpa everywhere in their music and radio jingles all over the place and nobody will even call me to give me one Ghana cedi”.

Frank Agyekum who is Guru’s manager responded after Mohammed’s demand that he bought items including rice, oil and other glossaries in form of a hamper worth GH¢355 and a cash amount of GH¢160 to him as a Christmas gift.

Frank Agyekum who also spoke in an interview on the Entertainment News on Hitz FM Friday said they had no agreement to pay any amount of money to him, adding “Mohammed approached us with his personal problems and we helped him, but he insists he has been cheated.”

In my opinion, even though Guru and his manager contributed by giving them some items and money during the Christmas season, the man behind the viral term is in a critical condition where all his children have been sacked from school.

This is situation where the management must put in all their efforts to help Mohammed achieve something extra in life, for instance a menial job where he can get monthly salary to cater for his five children.

Moreover, Glo and any other organizations using the popular term “Kpa Kpa Kpa” for commercial purposes must duly respond to Mohammed’s demand by paying the money or supporting him in diverse ways; this may be the platform for his greatest achievement in life.

Watch the original Joy News interview with Mohammed:

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