I still feel disrespected – Bismark The Joke

Movies of Sunday, 1 February 2015

Source: Razz Newspaper


Actor/comedian, Bismark ‘The Joke’, after much complaint about the obsolete Ghana Movie statuette that was given to him at the recently-held Awards – has finally received a new one but he is still not a happy dude.

The actor strongly believes he was disrespected by Fred Nuamah and his organization for the gesture shown him with the situation of the statuette and other related matters.

“As to why the Organizers disrespected me, I don’t really know but my investigations tell me that I am the only one who had an old plaque. I am also the only winner who did not enjoy the prizes that came with winning the award,” he lamented.

He suggested that, maybe because he is friends with the organizer of the Awards, Fred Nuamah or probably, because he’s a comedian – the organizers are making a mistake by taking him not to be a serious-minded personality within the industry so they figure they can joke with him over serious issues.

Bismark expressed that he expects Fred Nuamah to know better that comedians are not fools; rather, comedy is a well-paying job so anyone who is a comedian should never be perceived as being a fool in real life.

“I know Fred will not be happy am voicing out publicly but I want him to know that, it’s time the right things are done and everyone be treated fairly and equally,” he said.

Speaking about the rest of the prize package attached to the honour, he said that, though he has been asked to go to the Holy Trinity Spa this weekend after all the winners and nominees went there on a weekend rendezvous last two weeks; he’s no longer interested in the package because, he will be busy that day.

He advised the organizers of Ghana Movie Awards to try as much as possible to organize themselves well towards the program and also, they should give maximum respect to every nominee. They should not look down on others and show respect to others.

“This kind of discrimination brings confusion among stars. Already, there’s a perceived division so if things are not done properly, it will go a long way to deepen the division among us, the film makers,” he advised.