Hugh Masekela in Ghana to watch Ebo Whyte’s ‘Women on Fire’

Entertainment of Saturday, 31 January 2015


Hugh Masekela Hm

World celebrated South African trumpeter, Hugh Masekela, has arrived in Ghana to watch Roverman Productions’ play, ‘Women on Fire’.

The award winning musician touched down Friday night ahead of the play’s showing at the National Theatre on Sunday.

Hugh Masekela will be attending Sunday’s showing of the play which is being staged again by popular request after successful showings in December 2014 and early this year.

Roverman Productions sources tell the trip to Ghana by the South Africa music great will also be used to further ongoing discussions on a theatre project that will see the company tour some African countries.

‘Women on Fire’

Renowned playwright James Ebo Whyte’s ‘Women on Fire’ is a masterpiece that transported his loyal and growing audience to the market square unveiling typical market gossip, traditional misconceptions and controlling unruly political bigotry in a dramatic and hilarious fashion.

Women on Fire captures the different sides of a Ghanaian laced with unparalleled comedy and captures the diverse social backgrounds of women in the society.

Sika, contrary to expectation, after her master’s degree decides to sell at the market. Equipped with much needed knowledge, she implements what she learnt in school and thus sees her business flourish.

As it pertains in a not too strange Ghanaian setting, her colleagues become envious of her success and start plotting against her.

With the help of Mayor Johnson, her ex-husband, Sika’s world comes crushing but will that be the end for her?

The highpoint of this exciting production is a widow expressing joy at the death of her husband, citing his womanizing as the reason for her excitement. Strangely, this woman discloses that when she was left in the room to bid her departed husband farewell, she rained insults on his lifeless body.

Women on Fire plays at the National Theatre on Sunday, February 1, 2015 4pm and 8pm.