#Throwback (January 30, 2013): 5Five’s ‘Gargantuan Body’ banned

Entertainment of Friday, 30 January 2015

Source: GhanaWeb

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NEWS-ONE has confirmed that almost all television stations in Ghana have decided not to air the controversial music video of 5Five’s latest song, ‘Gargantuan Body’.

Their reason was that the video’s contents have offensive images that violate their editorial policy and they cannot do anything about them.

They basically tagged the video as nothing but a ‘soft porn’ video and have even refused to edit, blur or cut out the portions of the video they believe do not meet their editorial style.

But the group’s representative, Bulldog of Bullhaus Entertainment, has downplayed the ‘soft porn’ claims in an interview with NEWS-ONE.

“It is normal for any TV station to reject a music video, depending on many things including technicalities.

But I don’t know ‘Gargantuan Body’ has been banned. But I can say we respect TV stations and their policies.

We are having a few challenges with some of them and it is not new in this industry.

Definitely one cannot just put his or her videos on air just like that. So we are in discussion with them.

[I] will let you know what the issues are very soon. Now we can’t divulge anything else in public,” Bulldog noted.

The video was shot sometime last year and was planned for release early this year.

But its release has been delayed because of the challenges the group is having with television stations in accepting it on their platforms.

The group has no choice but to take it on social network platforms including youtube.com while it further deliberates with the TV networks on the next step to take.

‘Gargantuan Body’ is a song that extols the body of plump women. The group, in the song, professes its love for such bodies; hence some ladies displayed their heavy buttocks for the cameras.

That is what the TV stations apparently have problems with. According to NEWS-ONE sources, if TV stations have to edit the video for their platforms, they will have to edit the heavy buttocks parts out but that will also take away some excitement from the video.

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