VIDEO: Wife Cuts Off Husband’s man-hood And Was It Taken By A Stray Dog


A Chinese wife reportedly chopped off her husband’s man-hood more than once after discovering he had been unfaithful to her with another woman, but the story got more complicated when a stray dog reportedly took off with the severed manhood, the Daily Mail reported.

Feng Lung, 30, used scissors as her weapon, cutting off her husband’s manhood after discovering the affair. She reportedly cut it off again after surgeons had reattached it.  Fan Lung, 32, a father of five, had used his wife’s mobile phone to send a saucy email to his lover, forgetting to log out of his account afterward.

Feng flew into a rage after coming across the message and several others, before storming into the couple’s bedroom where her husband was lying in bed asleep. She cut off his joystick in the bedroom and then again after surgeons reattached it at a hospital before throwing it out the window, the daily reported.

This provoked the husband to turn on his wife and an altercation between the two followed outside the hospital, where Fan Lung was spotted Unclad by passersby.  Authorities combed the area for the man’s missing member but failed to find it, believing it may have been taken by a stray dog or cat, the daily said.  Feng Lung was arrested and faces jail for causing grievous bodily harm, the daily reported.