#Throwback (January 28, 2004): KSM wanted by FBI for parental kidnapping

Entertainment of Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Source: GhanaWeb

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Radio talk show host and stand-up comedian Kwaku Sintim-Misa, is facing the grim prospect of arrest and possibly seven years in an American jail. KSM as he is affectionately called is wanted in the United States for alleged international parental kidnapping.

The Us Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has issued a warrant for the arrest of KSM in about 180 countries.

The case against KSM was brought against him by his former wife Doris Sintim Misa, now married and known as Doris Lucas. She alleges that KSM kidnapped his own sons Nana Sintim Misa and Yaw Sintim Misa both 12 and citizens of the US.

Following their divorce in 1996, Doris was handed custody of the two kids while KSM was given visitation rights.

Until their recent return to the United States, the children had lived in Ghana and briefly in South Africa with KSM and his new wife Mavis.

The complaint of the kidnapping is described by the Insight newspaper as bizarre because it claims the children had been in KSM’s custody with the full consent of Doris.

That has however not stopped the FBI from issuing a Red Alert for warrant for KSM. The FBI has also notified 184 countries across the world to look for him.

It effectively means that KSM’s movement has been restricted which will affect his business interest in the United States and South Africa greatly.

KSM confirmed that a warrant has been issued for his arrest but he insists he is innocent. He said he has been battling the matter for about two years. “I can’t go to America. I am wanted in 184 other countries but the truth is on my side, I have the documents to back I did no wrong and I can prove that in any court of law”, he told Joy FM.

But KSM is wary about turning himself in to the American legal system. “The truth is that in the aftermath of September 11, the American system has become hostile. I am therefore not too clear if I would get a fair trial there. I would find ways of resolving the issue but I cannot discuss that on air for obvious reasons”, he said.