Cat Found Alive Five Days After Being Buried


A Florida man who admittedly buried his cat after it was hit by a car vowed he was sure the feline was dead — until the said cat turned up alive and above ground five days later. UPI reports:

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay said Ellis Hutson received the shock of his life when his cat, Bart, turned up alive but badly injured in a neighbor’s yard five days after he buried his beloved pet.

Hutson, who rushed Bart to an animal hospital when he was found five days after his apparent death, told animal rescuers he had been sure the cat was showing no signs of life after being struck by a car five days earlier.

The Human Society of Tampa Bay, which has been caring for Bart at its Animal Health Center, said the cat must have clawed his way out of the dirt after regaining consciousness and hid out until he was found days later. The cat suffered injuries including severe head trauma, a broken jaw and a dead eye. The Humane Society said Bart is scheduled for surgery Tuesday to remove his eye and repair his jaw.