California Mom Had s*x With Daughter’s 16-Year-Old Ex


A Southern California mom has been accused of having s*x with her daughter’s underage ex-boyfriend. The Huffington Post reports:

Last week, NBC San Diego reported that Fereshta Angel Williams, 38 of Deer Springs was charged with having s*x with a minor more than three years younger than herself, two counts of oral copulation of a minor and one count of trying to dissuade a witness.

After a weeks-long investigation, police arrested Williams on Jan. 5. Authorities did not say why they started investigating her.

The New York Daily News reports that Williams is free on bond and is due back in court on Feb. 3.

The news comes just one month after a Pennsylvania mom made headlines when she was arrested for allegedly having s*x with a 17-year-old boy she met while volunteering for her daughter’s high school cheerleading team.