Three-Breasted Woman Arrested On Drink-Driving Charge

A woman who pretended to have had a third chest but was later exposed as a hoaxer now has been arrested for drink-driving, Tampa, Florida.

As police mugshot of  the supposed first person in the world to have a third chest implant has surfaced with make-up running down her face, Internet users immediately got interested what happened to the woman who stole headlines last year.

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It was later gathered that Alisha Hessler aka. Jasmine Tridevil who became popular by posting pictures of the third chest online was arrested on a drink-driving charge. The 21-year-old was more than twice the legal drink drive limit when stopped. She is reported to be in custody on a drink drive charge, with police setting her bail at $500.

Last year Hessler claimed that more than 50 doctors turned her down before she found a surgeon who agreed to surgically attach a third chest implant to her chest. It was said to be made from a silicone implant and skin tissue from her abdomen and cost around $20,000.

Weeks later experts branded Tridevil as a hoax, saying no “reasonable” doctor would perform such an op and her cover was blown. It emerged her third b00b was just a prosthetic prop she attached to her chest using glue.