Bose Oladimeji: “I Can’t Date A Poor Man”


I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m tired of women talking about how they can’t marry or date a broke man. It’s no wonder most of them are single and even when they get hooked, the marriage falls out after a year.

Yoruba actress Bose Oladimeji spoke to Vanguard in a recent interview about why she can’t date poor men and no place for them in her heart.

Read excerpts from the interview below: –

Why did you pick acting as a career?

I have always wanted to be an actress all my life. The passion began to grow as a child, back then when we used to play the moonlight play, where we imitated our parents and everything we saw on the television. Also, my love for literature helped to add fire to the passion. As an English student, literature is a part of the study, so, in a way, you can say I am still on my field as a professional.

Can’t you date or go out with a fellow actor?

Never; I will never do that. Not that I have anything against actors but I just can’t do it.

Why are the actors so bad or so poor?

No, not that. I just don’t mix business with pleasure.

What kind of men would you date or settle down with?

Wow, he must be cool, handsome, lovely, God-fearing, humble, rich and romantic. Those are the qualities I look out for in my man.

So you can’t marry a poor man?

Yes I can’t, truth is bitter; a man must be hardworking. If you are not hardworking, how are we going to give our children quality education? Providing for their needs? So my desired man must have something lucrative doing because I cannot be idle myself. I don’t believe in being a full time housewife. We must work together and achieve our collective goals. Poor men have no place in my heart.

What if you meet a rich man and he wants you to stop acting entirely?

No, capital no. Acting is a passion that can never be quenched. The man may limit the frequency of my going on locations but can never stop it entirely

You read English, why haven’t you done any English film?

Everything takes time. Little by little I will get there. Mind you, if I am invited I would participate. Very soon I will shoot my own English film.