PDP Will Win In Kano – Shekarau


The Minister of Education, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau expects the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to win in the February general elections in Kano State, with the level of transformation agenda executed in the country, especially in the state.

He said this while speaking to newsmen recently in Kano, where he noted that the mammoth crowd that gave a rousing reception to President Goodluck Jonathan when he visited the state was a proof that the PDP was still alive in the state.

“It’s only expired politicians that can castigate Mr President and say he has not done well for the people of the North. Consider the new universities established by him, the North has the highest number of those newly established universities.

“What about the procurement of fertiliser? It is now done with ease, unlike before, and you know that most farmers in the country come from the North.

“With the overwhelming support given Mr Presdient, it is a proof that PDP will win in Kano.

“Kano people are now aware that Jonathan’s administration has done a lot for the North,” adding that the people of the state would reciprocate the good gesture of President Jonathan to them in the state by voting for him in the presidential election, as well as vote for PDP candidates vying for various positions in the state,” said Shekarau.

He called on politicians to dwell on issue-based campaigns and desist from blackmailing and assassinating the characters of their opponents. He also urged both politicians and the electorate to shun violence and have the interest of Nigeria at heart as the nation holds the general elections.