Tenant In Court Because His Urine Damaged Marble Floor Around Home Toilet


A German judge has ruled that a tenant can’t be held responsible for floor damage that results from urinating while in the standing position. UPI covers the proceeding:

Dusseldorf Judge Stefan Hank sided with the tenant, whose lawsuit said the landlord refused to return $2,100 of his $3,300 deposit, alleging the resident’s urine had damaged the marble floor around the toilet.

Hank said the arguments from the landlord and a “technical expert” who confirmed urine was responsible for the marble tile damage were “credible and understandable,” but not enough to sway his opinion.

“Despite the increasing domestication of men in this regard, urinating while standing up is still widespread,” the judge wrote in his ruling. Hank said the landlord should have warned the tenant of the floor’s “sensitivity” to urine droplets.

“Anyone who still practices this formerly dominant custom has to expect occasional clashes with — especially female — flatmates. But they don’t have to worry about corrosion to the marble floor,” Hank wrote.