Kaakie: Ghanaian media mischievously aiming for a pix of my ‘ladyparts’

Entertainment of Saturday, 24 January 2015

Source: Starrfmonline.com

Kaakie Artist Gh

Female dancehall artiste Kaakie has revealed to Morning Zoo host Nii Ayi Tagoe that some Ghanaian photojournalists are aiming to capture her ladyparts just to mar her fame, just as occurred to fellow female artiste Raquel a few years ago.
Speaking on the show Saturday January 24, 2015 along with her Manager, Kaakie revealed how a photographer who was taking pictures at an event where she performed, aimed her camera at her ‘ladyparts’ on a runway.
“It’s not that the thing [ladyparts] was showing ooo, they actually do it intentionally…so you can imagine the models…he has a lot [of such pictures] of the models,” she told Nii Ayi Tagoe.