I Was Once So Broke I Did Not Have Money To Buy Panties – Delay

Versatile Radio host and TV Producer, Deloris Frimpong-Manso (Delay) has recounted her beginning days in 2010 when all she could boast of was twenty Ghana Cedis or two hundred thousand cedis in the old currency.

She disclosed this on her mid- morning show on Oman Fm in Accra on Thursday January 21, 2015 edition of the show.

‘I only knew two things; that I was broke as hell and one day I will very successful’ she said.

Explaining further about how to be successful in life, she told listeners that, it was a process which could take time and just as a new born baby has to learn how to crawl first, attempt at walking (falling several times in the process) before eventually mastering his or her steps, a person cannot be successful in a day but has to go through a process which can include very difficult times.

‘There was a time I had to cut off all my hair because I couldn’t afford a cream to perm it, I sometimes didn’t even have money to buy new panties or sanitary pad and had to live with and depend on some friends but look at me now, I own one of the highly patronized mackerel brands (Delay Mackerel) in Ghana which also bears my name’ she recalled emotionally.

Delay advised people to work hard in life and not to pay attention to other people’s negativity about them and stay focused with whatever future plans they have.

She explained further that, she is not ashamed to share her story because most people are going through same now and it is just to serve as motivation to believe that things can change for the better one day if they truly work hard and believe in themselves but in all, Deloris who is also the executive producer for the highly watched ‘Afia Schwarzenegger and ‘The Delay Show’ added that, They shouldn’t forget God in their everyday dealings.